Friday, October 7, 2016

Mojo TigerMAMP selection

Here I'd like to give more information about my TigerMAMP selection.
In 2014 I crossed a BB7 MAMP with a Pink Tiger (so the name TigerMAMP) and in 2015 I grown different plants to select some interesting phenotypes. Obviously  I was searching for new varieties with bleeding calyx like the BBG.
Then I select this varieties that got a BBG calyx:

RedGUM TigerMAMP: very dark plant (near to be all black like Pim. Neyde) with elongated pods from green (dark color under strong sun) to red (with black stripes/shades). This variety seem pretty stable and in 2016 the F2 seem similar to F1.

PeachGUM TigerMAMP: V1, V2 and V2H.
The PeachGUM TigerMAMP V1 is very interesting, dark purple plant with large bbg calyx that produce medium contorted pods from light green/dark color to peach with purple shades. This variety seem pretty stable and in 2016 the F2 seem similar to F1.
The PeachGUM TigerMAMP V2 is a dark plant with pods elongated, smooth, from green/purple to peach (stripes and spots possible). The V2H seemed very similar to the V2 so I didn't put seeds in the store but I shared with some friends (I wasn't sure 100% that was a different pheno from the V2). This year I grown different plants (6): got some variations, 2 was without BBG calyx while the other 4 got BBG calyx not very similar to the V2.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mojo Big Brown (Kathumby) seeds come back to stock

This variety comes out in 2013 from Kathumby Chinense seeds and it's a cross with an unknown other pepper.
The plant got dark stems and leaves green with dark shades.
Pods can start dark green if in the shadow while they are very dark if under a strong sun and ripen to brown color.
Pods are big with habanero shape and many times with a scorpion tail.
Hot level as habanero.
Pretty stable it's F4
Seeds? here

Buena Mulata chili pepper Annuum

Buena Mulata
Beautiful plant, beautiful flower, beautiful pepper, good taste and good heat for a annuum... very good with spaghetti ;)
Seeds? here