Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pink Tiger seeds come back to stock

Many plants this season so many pods of the Pink Tiger chili pepper! One of my favourite...
so seeds come back to stock.

Pink Tiger seeds here

Yaki Blue x Pink Tiger

New Mojo cross: Yaki Blue x Pink Tiger

This is an amazing crosses of the 2015. The plant got dark stems and produce pods from dark purple to a dark red/fawn like the Yaki Blue Fawn with beautiful changes.
The shape is elongated like the Pink Tiger but pods are realy huge and very smooth.
Pods can show stripes as Pink Tiger with the right parameters in the cultivation.
Very hot with a strong floreal aroma.
F1 not stable yet.

Seeds for this chili pepper here

Monday, September 12, 2016

BBG Peach Ghost Jami

Amazing new Mojo cross: (BBGxSRTSL) x Peach Ghost Jami for a new Bubblegum phenotype
Very very hot with a strong aroma like the Peach Ghost Jami
The color is peach but some pods tend to over ripe to a little orange color
F1 so not stable yet