Monday, September 29, 2014

Bhut x Neyde CF Mojo

Someone could confuse this with Mojo Blackie but is different.
Pods start from dark purple (while Mojo Blackie is black) and turn out red with some black shades and little stripes. Pods are more smooth and glossy than Mojo Blackie

Pink Tiger - new harvest (september 2014)

Here some pics of my Pink Tiger... as you can see each pod is unique.. on the same plant you can find pods with stripes, spotted, both and even some peach pod with just a little stripe.. I notice the plant start to produce more striped pods at the end of August, maybe the temperatures can influence this fact...

Mojo Scoundrel

This phenotype comes from a very cool bhut x neyde cross selected by the master Domenico "Mascalzone"
During the season this variety begins to show different traits with stripes and spots similar to Pink Tiger. But pods are very different from pink tiger, they are bigger with a very smooth and glossy thin skin