Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mojo FruteGum - frutescens x chinense chilli pepper cross

The great thing for a chilli grower is when you reach a goal... when you made a cross with the intent of get something unique in the world...
so last year I crossed the frutescens CBU (Cabai Burung Ungu) with the beautiful chinense Bubblegum 7 pot with the intent of get a frutescens with bleeding calyx like the BBG... so the Mojo FruteGum is born!
This new variety (F1) got all frutescens characteristics... juicy pods easy to tear away from the calyx when they are full ripen... great Frutescens flavor and heat! I put seeds in my store cause I decided to share all my new phenotypes without jealousy for all chilli growers that want to try new thing and love strange crosses... Enjoy!

Mojo Frutegum

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